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Discipline Policy

The Oñate Discipline Policy has been developed to encourage students to acquire positive and acceptable behavior skills.

The following suggestions are important to remember:


  • Awareness by the entire school community, students, staff and parents about the school's goals, objectives, rules and procedures will be fostered.  Parents are asked to become active partners in assisting the school to develop strong, positive, self management behaviors.
  • All school employees are responsible for monitoring the behavior and safety of all students.
  • Classroom teachers have the primary responsibility for instructing students concerning expectations of behavior management.  Students must accept guidance from all adults working in a supervisory capacity (teachers, assistants, secretaries, custodians and parent volunteers).
  • All staff members should actively engage in ways of recognizing and reinforcing positive behaviors that are exhibited by individual students throughout the school.
  • Classroom teachers will establish a process for recognizing, rewarding and reinforcing appropriate management behaviors.  Students will realize that they have control over their behavior and that choices will carry either positive or negative consequences.
  • School personnel who become aware of any type of harassment will promptly and effectively act to end the harassment and prevent it from recurring and, where appropriate, remedy the effects on the student. 


1st Reported Offense     
Documentation (Behavioral ticket sent home); Principal/ Teacher notified.  Student meets with the Redirector.

2nd Reported Offense       

Documentation (Behavioral ticket sent home); Conference held with Parent, Principal/Counselor.

3rd Reported Offense      

Documentation (Behavioral ticket sent home); Out of school suspension for one (1) day.

4th Reported Offense   
Documentation (ticket); Out of school suspension for two (2) days. Referral to Discipline Committee.