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Daily attendance is mandatory for students to benefit from the instructional program. The intent is to establish an effective and uniform system of school procedures regulating responsibilities under the Compulsory School Attendance Law.  It is of the utmost importance that patterns of regular attendance be established and sustained by students.



  • Parents are asked to call the school (505) 291-6819 X 6 no later than 9:30 am to report an absence and request make-up work.  To excuse an absence see procedures below.  Students who are signed out before the end of the instructional day must have written documentation of the reason (as defined under excused absences) or be subject to the same consequences as tardy.


  • If the school has not been given prior notice by phone, the parent or guardian will provide the school with a written explanation concerning all student absences upon the student's return to school.


  • Absences will be recorded daily.  The APS attendance tracking system automatically records all excused and unexcused absences.  Parent letters are automatically generated by the district at 5 or more and 10 or more absences.  On the fifth unexcused absence you and your child will be required to attend a Mental Health meeting at the school to develop a plan to address attendance issues.  The Counselor/Principal will organize and facilitate the meeting.  If attendance remains an issue a referral will be made to the APS Attendance Office.


  • Teachers will be informed of calls concerning student absences.


  • The school should be notified by the parent or guardian of anticipated absences due to family emergencies and medical or agency appointments.


  • The school will attempt to investigate unexplained absences through telephone contact or home visits with parents/guardians as soon as possible and advise them regarding the importance of regular school attendance and the legal implications involved.  If a student misses over 50% or more of the school day, the absence will be recorded as a FULL DAY absence.



Students are entitled to make up work (1 day for every excused absence).  However, it is the responsibility of the student or parent to arrange with the teacher (s) for make-up work, tests, etc. Requests for homework should be made early enough to allow reasonable time for the teacher to assemble.   

Occasionally, families are left with little option but to take students out of school for an extended period of time for unexpected emergencies.  While emergencies are unavoidable, the staff and administration encourages parents to plan other activities in a manner that does not impact attendance at school.  As well, parents are reminded that the APS Student Behavior Handbook describes excused absences including extenuating circumstances agreed to by the administration prior to the absence.  Too often students tell their teachers that they will be gone for an extended period of time and would like their work for the time they will be gone.  Though paperwork can be assigned to the students for this purpose, instructional time is an asset that, once missed, is irretrievable. 

If the student needs to be absent for an extended period of time you will be asked to write a letter to the school regarding the absence and request for work.  Teachers are not obligated to provide school work for an extended absence.  Most teachers will accommodate some work for a reasonable amount of time, but any work provided for the absence is due on the day of return.