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Standards-Based Progress Report - SBPR

The purpose of the progress report is to communicate to parents and students the learning progress of the student at each reporting period. The SBPR also reports a student's progress toward mastering the APS Content and Performance Standards for each subject area.

  • Kindergarten uses the KDPR Kindergarten Developmental Progress Report
  • Grades1st through 5th use the SBPR Standards-Based Progress Report

Standards are specific goals for each school subject. They describe what students are expected to know and be able to do at different stages in K-12 schooling. At each grade level, standards are grouped by content standards- the what of learning- and performance standards-descriptions of how well students should understand the content. Each content standard may have several performance standards under it.

When we use the Standards-Based Progress Report, your child's progress toward standards will be shown four different ways:

  • Reading and Math Assessment Levels
  • Performance Levels
  • Mastery Marks
  • Effort Marks